The internet is full of information about modern witchcraft but it isn’t always the best information. Here is an ever-growing list of internet resources that we not only recommend but use ourselves all the time. Updated monthly, and new categories added often, the Modern Witch staff has painstakingly curated this list of our favorite websites.

Twilit Grotto: Archives of Western Esoterica 

This old-school HTML website packs some of the rarest and richest occult and esoteric content online and features once thought lost Grimoires and Ritual Texts. It isn’t the easiest to navigate but what it lacks there it makes up for in easily downloadable content. We recommend this website because it offers access to materials that are otherwise almost impossible to find if you don’t know where to look.

Hermetic Library 

Those who are fans of Hermeticism, Thelema, and the works of Aleister Crowley will find this website to be loaded with valuable information and books! We recommend it for its well curated collection of poignant topics and materials.

Magical Recipes Online 

This is probably one of the coolest sites available if you are a collector of spells and recipes. It is (figuratively) dripping with so much magic that it could keep you busy for days! Updated constantly and covering a huge range of topics, Magical Recipes Online is one of the gems of the modern witchcraft world. We recommend it because you could easily fill your own book of shadows up and get excellent ideas for your own workings just by skimming the pages. Go for the spells, stay for the inspiration.

Sacred Texts 

One of the most beloved resources online for those who are interested in sacred knowledge from around the world, Sacred Texts is a veritable online Library of Alexandria. It is old school HTML but it is one of the easier to navigate HTML sites around. They have everything from Celtic myths to Taoist prayers. We recommend them because you really wont find the bank of content anywhere else and many websites who offer free copies of public domain works get their material from here.

Pagan’s Path 

This is another old school HTML website, spinning .gifs and all, but it is easily one of the neatest troves of no BS knowledge around. Created by Lady Spring, this website has tons of free wisdom, rituals, workings, and super practical info like how the moon effects us, etc. We recommend this website because we rarely find this type of content for free online and, while it is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, the material is easily approachable and excellent for those seeking foundational info.

Hemlock & Hawthorne

A WordPress blog-style site that is loaded with information after years of writing. The stuff here is deeper than we tend to see elsewhere and most importantly, super approachable. More along the lines of traditional witchcraft meets Druidry, the material here is a blend of beginner to intermediate and there is a lot to love. We recommend this website for especially for parents and those interested in homelife.

Bartelby Witchcraft Archive

This is a bit of an oddball but recommended to us by one of our FB friends. Those who have had to write a research paper in the last ten years likely know about Bartelby. They are an academic research site that catalogs papers and texts for later use. Their Witchcraft archive is quite the interesting look into the thoroughly researched history and influence of witchcraft. We recommend this site for those who are interested in the scholarly aspects of witchcraft.

Infinite Beyond 

Created by authors and traditional witches Tara-love Maguire and Christopher Orapello, Infinite Beyond is the frequently updated home of podcasts, blogs, and a whole bunch of magic. We recommend this website and community for its excellent content, deep mission, and because they tend to share some of the most valuable insights on modern witchcraft today.