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He has been practicing witchcraft since 1985 and has been an initiate of the Faery tradition since 2002. With over thirty years experience practicing and teaching the Craft, he holds the Black Wand of a Faery Master, and is the founder of his own lineage of the tradition, BlueRose which offers extensive personal training both in-person and online.

He is a founding teacher of the Black Rose Witchcraft online school and travels internationally teaching the magical arts. He is the author of “Betwixt & Between: Exploring the Faery Tradition of Witchcraft”, “Forbidden Mysteries of Faery Witchcraft“, and “The Stars Within the Earth”. His work has been featured in magazines, blogs, and podcasts, most notably Modern Witch, where he is an occasional a co-host. For more information visit his website at Faerywolf.com.

From Storm…

I have been a practicing warlock for over 30 years. As a child I was raised on stories handed down in my family; the Irish tales of the little people. I knew that beyond what our eyes told us there was something more… sometimes wonderful, sometimes terrifying, always powerful. My quest for spiritual knowledge most certainly began back then, as a small boy watching the skies, looking at the stars and wondering if the forces that drove the wheel of the universe were watching back.

In my early teens I found my first real taste of Witchcraft in the form of books found at my local library, and at 14 I formally dedicated myself to the Craft in a ritual of my own design. Diana, Goddess of the Moon shone down upon me, her silver light underscoring the palpable darkness in which I found the presence of the Horned God.

I was drawn to the Craft’s sense of wondrous mystery that seemed to be hinting at something that was impossible to describe with words, something that human understanding could not begin to articulate, just beyond the periphery of normal consciousness. It was also at this time that I began to read the Tarot and I began to achieve a sense of my own talents and power. The journey had begun… Finish reading here. 




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