“No plant is just a houseplant, a point made crystal clear in Devin Hunter’s groundbreaking book Houseplant Hortocculture. Hunter teaches us to reassess what it means to be magickal and how to see the verdant world in all its potency. This is an important book and will be an eye-opener for many, however Houseplant Hortocculture is packed with specific information and so even longtime lovers and cultivators of houseplants like me will find plenty of new information to savor and use. This is a book you will return to again and again.”—Judika Illes, author of Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells

“Devin Hunter breaks new ground with Houseplant Hortocculture. As many, myself included, focus on the traditional plants of the herbalist, perfumer, and temple gardener, he has devoted this book to the familiar yet magickally unfamiliar plants grown in homes across the world and provides innovative ideas rooted in traditional occultism, to inspire your own magickal world with them. This is a lovely work expanding our perception of green magick to all the plants around us, and includes practical and esoteric understanding of these plant allies.”—Christopher Penczak, author of the Plant Spirit Familiar

Houseplant Hortocculture is the antidote to a Witch’s brown thumb. Smart, witty, with just enough ‘you can totally do this’ push, Devin Hunter is the Magickal best friend nudging the reader to make their Magick just a little bit better, wilder, and greener. If you love houseplants and Magick, you need this book. If you think you ‘can’t do’ houseplants and Magick, then you definitely need this book.”—Courtney Weber, author of Hekate

“Houseplant Hortocculture is a must buy for plant lovers—those in the closet and those out! I admit that I am a biased Devin Hunter fan. His wealth of knowledge, writing style, and approachability appeals to me….People have tried to introduce me to houseplants for years to no avail, but Devin’s approach brought it all together—the magic, the practicality, and the healing vibration of houseplants. My 106-year-old Great Mama in spirit is smiling on Devin today and you will too!”—Michelle Welch, author of Spirits Unveiled

“I come from a long line of gardeners. Unfortunately, that gene skipped me. While I’ve always loved plants, I have rarely been able to keep one alive. I assumed I didn’t have the green touch and should stick to the plastic variety. Houseplant Hortocculture has changed my thinking….This practical guide to growing, tending, and maintaining houseplants for magical purposes is inspiring me to get on my broom and head straight to the greenhouse.”—Theresa Reed, author of The Cards You’re Dealt

Houseplant Hortocculture is an indispensable guide to the often-daunting task of growing plants indoors! Devin Hunter makes the cultivation of houseplants accessible and relatable, loaded with personal experiences and Devin’s seamless blend of science and the occult. Bringing his experience of growing a veritable jungle of plants in his own home, he shares some of his methods to bring added depth to co-existing with plant allies in the magickal household. Whether you are a grower of indoor poisonous plants, medicinal herbs or plants with pretty leaves, you will find fertile ground for sowing new seeds within the pages of this book.”—Coby Michael, author of The Poison Path




No plant is ever just a houseplant. Whether you are a Green Witch or merely horti-curious, you can learn how to successfully grow plants in your home, connect with their energies, and partner with them for magic.

Houseplant HortOCCULTure guides you every step of the way with Devin Hunter’s botanical and magical wisdom. Explore practical tips on substrates, pests, watering, and other elements of plant care alongside advice for infusing magic into every act. Learn how to help your monstera, fern, pothos, and other indoor flora thrive by drawing sigils on your grow lights, pushing energy into the soil, and putting crystals in your watering can. With profiles of more than 160 easy-to-grow, easy-to-find plants and their magical correspondences—and inspired by Siolo Thompson’s enchanting illustrations—you can start confidently raising and working with your own magical allies.