The Witchcraft and Occult Media Awards honor the talent of media creators in the occult world who have produced works throughout the previous year. These nominees excel at their artistry and execution. Their offerings provide insight into the current discussion of contemporary practices, and represent some of the best works of the 2022-2023 season.

We held open nominations to ensure that artists, creators, and projects from across the witchcraft and occult world have equal opportunity for visibility during the voting process. Your open nominations help the panel of judges, who are all abstaining peers (experienced authors, bloggers, podcasters, etc.) select the best four to six nominees per category. Those with the most nominations make it onto the ballot, and we held an open voting process that saw thousands of ballots cast between 1/2/24 and 1/26/24!

What we present to you here are the results of the 2024 Witchcraft and Occult Media Awards! 

What do they win?

In addition to bragging rights for the next year, the winner in each category is also offered a plaque if they are so inclined. Again, at no cost to them.

*If you are a previous winner and would like your award, email us! We have been looking for you!


Outstanding Magazine of the Year

09  — Overall Blog Platform

Outstanding Blog of the Year

The Wild Hunt

Pagan News Organization

11  — Overall Video Platform

Outstanding Vlog of the Year

Ivy the Occultist

Ivy the Occultist


12  — Debut Year

Outstanding NEW Vlog of the Year

Blackthorn Grove

Amy Blackthorn

14  — Overall Audio First Platform

Outstanding Podcast of the Year

Ivy the Occultist

Ivy the Occultist


20  — Debut Year – Overall

Outstanding New Voice of the Year