Occult horror explores elements of the esoteric, magickal, and often supernatural as a means of control or self-preservation. It highlights the human and divine need to control the universe around us and even destiny itself, and asks us what we would be willing to do for such control.These films involve the subjects of religious heresy and dissent, Satanism, Paganism, mysticism, folk lore, reincarnation, sacrifices, demonology, ancient rituals and more, often spanning multiple sub genres in their wake.

Occult horror reaches into our deepest desires and dares to show us what it would be like to push the limits of spirituality and even science as a way to obtain power over the natural world. But not all movies are full of fantasy and not all fantasies are untrue. Some films relied on very real traditions and esoteric teachings for their world building and some films accidentally found their way into very real occult experiences.

I’m Devin Hunter, a professional occultist and bestselling author, and in this series we are going to take a look at some of the films, tropes, and legends that haunt the Occult Horror sub genre and talk about the real life magic they are based on. Expect to hear from other experts from both the world of occultism and cinema and maybe even a star or two.

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