Ordo Siderei Dracones (OSD)

A new occult order devoted to spiritually centered psychic development and working with the higher realms through ecstatic transfiguration.

Our mission is to help developing psychics create spiritually centered practices that help them better understand and interact with the universe at large as well as their place within it. We are a community of like-minded occultists who take our work and our search for answers seriously.

We are open to all walks of life and strive to provide a safe space for all our members to share their individual spiritual experiences.

The order was created to serve experienced practitioners and is not capable of providing foundational occult knowledge to its membership. Members are expected to have knowledge of basic occultism in theory and practice, a thorough understanding of psychic development, and be capable of translating the material into their own work without constant oversight.

The core of what we practice and believe can be seen outlined in a two-part series of workshops called The Grigori Sessions. Before joining, members must complete the first part of the series (The Zero Point Sessions) and remain in good standing with the program and existing membership body. Once they are admitted, they gain full access to all future Zero Point Sessions and are eligible to sign up for further training with part two, The Dragon Sessions.

The Grigori Sessions

*This workshop series is designed for intermediate to advanced occult practitioners and is not suitable for beginners. Foundational occult topics will be referenced but not reviewed unless necessary and all participants are expected to be familiar with introductory concepts before engaging the material.*

*You DO NOT have to be a graduate of any previous course to participate.

*This workshop series is not part of the Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft, nor is it a tradition, but rather the work of an occult order.

The Grigori, or Watchers, are considered high-level essential spirits in many traditions and appear throughout world mythology in various forms. In this series we will go beyond the alchemical and into new territory as we explore the mysteries of the Grigori of the Nine Flames and their cosmic counterparts as both avatars of power and modes of sorcerial refinement. Learn to channel energy more effectively and how to turn your perceptive psychic abilities into projective abilities as we journey through the worlds and align ourselves with the spiritual properties of Space, Time, Matter, Energy, and Quintessence. Advance your mediumship skills and make new partnerships with high-level spirits as we learn to bridge the spiritual and material worlds through ecstatic transfiguration.

This workshop series is for those interested in developing already existing psychic abilities and centering them in their spiritual practice as occultists. For people who are interested in a non-tradition specific set of tools to help them advance their own work. For occultists who are interested in learning new things and challenging themselves, and who enjoyed the Witch Power series.

The full workshop series is presented in two parts, which can be taken on your own time or with the group as lesson’s drop. The first part, titled The Zero Point Sessions, provides a foundation for the program as a whole, introducing key concepts, workings, and the methodology for working with this system of Grigori.  Lessons include audio lecture, handouts, guided workings when appropriate and more, as well as the opportunity to ask questions and get a response from Devin before moving onto the next lesson. This series comes paired with a private Discord and Modern Witch University’s amazing educational technology. Once the final lesson has been completed, graduating participants in good standing will be invited to join Ordo Siderei Dracones, a community of like-minded occultists who are invested in working with this system of Grigori, other higher-level spirits, and developing their psychic abilities as a central part of their spirituality.

The Zero- Point Sessions

The Zero-Point Sessions (10 Weeks, 11 Lessons)

Introduction: The Flames and their Grigori

Lesson One: Framing Paradigm, Paradox, and Sorcerial Reality

Lesson Two: The Temple and the Dreaming

Lesson Three: Zero-Point and the New Frequency

Lesson Four: Working with the Nine Flames

Lesson Five: The Flame Body and Ascension

Lesson Six: The Cosmic Elements and their Grigori

Lesson Seven: Intermediate Channeling of Flames and Zero Point

Lesson Eight: Intermediate Mediumship of Higher Spirit Forms and Grigori

Lesson Nine: Empowering the Dreaming and Ally Connection

Lesson Ten: Walking with Dragons & The Conclave Rites

The Dragon Sessions

The Dragon Sessions (9 months, 11 Lessons )

The second part, titled The Dragon Sessions, are individually presented intensives offering further workings with the Grigori that can be taken upon release and are not included in the main course series. These sessions are only available to members of Ordo Siderei Dracones.

Introduction: Ordo Siderei Dracones

Lesson Eleven: The Starry Dragons – Ata

Lesson Twelve: The Starry Dragons – Yava

Lesson Thirteen: The Starry Dragons – Gana

Lesson Fourteen: The Starry Dragons – Barta

Lesson Fifteen: The Starry Dragons – Vata

Lesson Sixteen: The Starry Dragons – Rasha

Lesson Seventeen: The Starry Dragons – Otha

Lesson Eighteen: The Starry Dragons – Ilta

Lesson Nineteen: The Starry Dragons – Oma

Lesson Twenty: Bridging Reality and the Dreaming

Lesson Twenty-One: The Rites of Ordo Siderei Dracones