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Crystal Magic for the Modern Witch presents detailed information on 100 crystals, gems, and metals, covering everything from their physical, mental, and spiritual benefits to vibrational keywords and origin countries. Find out what element, tarot card, affirmation, plants, and planets are associated with each crystal. Discover how to cleanse and program a crystal, create gem elixirs, and communicate with different kinds of crystal-aligned spirits. This impressive guide also provides dozens of spells and workings for protection, well-being, success, and divination


The Witch's Book of Power by Devin Hunter


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Hosted by bestselling author Devin Hunter, Modern Witch celebrated ten seasons and thirteen years of podcasting in 2023! Find weekly episodes featuring your favorite witchcraft and occult authors and more! Give a listen and find out why Modern Witch has been downloaded over 600,000 times.

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Psychic Witch – Modern Witch Book Club Discussion Guide

By |March 1, 2024|

Here's the study / reflection / discussion / journaling guide for Psychic Witch for our free Modern Witch Book Club on Facebook. Be sure to join the chat in the group as well. Cramming it all into a month means we won't be able to do all of the exercises [...]

Real Sorcery – Modern Witch Book Club Discussion Guide

By |February 1, 2024|

Our first book for the new Modern Witch Book Club is Real Sorcery by Jason Miller. CHAPTER ONE - THE GIFT The anecdote about the natural healer who became a mediocre Reiki practitioner highlights the conflict between formal training and innate intuition. Discuss the balance between structured learning and following [...]

Recommended Reading – Seal, Sigil, & Call

By |October 3, 2023|

To help get into the spirit of the season I picked three occult books to read over the month. I actually picked out four but quickly DNF’d one, so we will call it three. I may or may not get to writing about all of them but I did just [...]

That isn’t a spell

By |September 30, 2023|

Last week a video came across my Facebook feed that made me scratch my head. The content creator was showing the construction of what they called a “Thankful Spell.” There wasn’t a description of what it was for and when I asked what the intention was, I didn’t get a [...]

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