Here’s the study / reflection / discussion / journaling guide for Psychic Witch for our free Modern Witch Book Club on Facebook. Be sure to join the chat in the group as well. Cramming it all into a month means we won’t be able to do all of the exercises or give them the full attention that they deserve. To be honest, Psychic Witch probably needs a full year to explore and practice. I’m hoping to develop this into a fuller course within the year or two.

That being said, I’m excited to be exploring my book with all of you and to answer questions you have as you read along. Here’s the suggested reading schedule:

  1. Day 1: Foreword by Devin Hunter
  2. Day 2: Introduction
  3. Days 3-4: Chapter 1
  4. Days 5-6: Chapter 2
  5. Days 7-8: Chapter 3
  6. Days 9-10: Chapter 4
  7. Days 11-12: Chapter 5
  8. Days 13-14: Chapter 6
  9. Days 15-16: Chapter 7
  10. Days 17-18: Chapter 8
  11. Days 19-20: Chapter 9
  12. Days 21-22: Chapter 10
  13. Days 23-24: Chapter 11
  14. Days 25-26: Chapter 12
  15. Days 27-28: Chapter 13
  16. Days 29-30: Chapter 14
  17. Day 31: Chapter 15 and Conclusion



Foreword by Devin Hunter

Mat argues that psychic abilities are inherent in every witch and that these skills, while distinct, naturally fit together with witchcraft. How does this perspective challenge or reinforce your own views on the relationship between psychic abilities and witchcraft?

The foreword discusses the daunting task of developing psychic gifts into something meaningful. Have you or someone you know faced similar challenges in honing psychic abilities? Share experiences or perceptions about this journey.

Introduction by Mat Auryn

Mat’s introduction challenges common stereotypes associated with the terms “psychic” and “witch.” Discuss how these stereotypes have influenced your perception of psychic and magickal practices. Have you encountered these stereotypes in your own journey, and how have you navigated them?

Mat posits that psychic and magickal abilities are not exclusive to those born with them but can be developed through dedication and practice. Share your thoughts or experiences related to the development of these abilities. Do you believe that everyone has the potential to develop psychic and magickal skills?

Mat suggests that psychic ability and witchcraft are two halves of a whole. How do you interpret the relationship between these practices? Can you think of ways in which integrating these practices could enhance your personal spiritual journey?

There’s an emphasis on the value of mastering basic practices in magick and psychic development. Discuss the importance of basics in any learning process. Why might returning to basic practices be beneficial, even for seasoned practitioners?

Chapter One – The Power & The Sight

Mat suggests that psychic senses are our primary senses, with physical senses being extensions of these psychic ones. How does this perspective shift your understanding of human perception? Discuss any moments in your life that might support or challenge this idea.

The distinction between intuition and psychic ability is nuanced in the text. Reflect on your own experiences. Can you differentiate moments of intuition from psychic insights? How do these moments inform your understanding of yourself and the world around you?

Mat suggests children are naturally more open to psychic and magickal experiences. Share any observations or stories about children’s intuitive or psychic moments. How do you think society should respond to these natural abilities in children?

Mat posits that reality is composed entirely of energy, which can be manipulated through magick. How does this view alter your perception of action and consequence in your daily life? Do you believe that understanding and manipulating energy could lead to tangible changes in your reality?

Chapter Two – Meditation and Relaxation

Many individuals struggle with meditation due to “monkey mind” or finding it burdensome. Discuss any difficulties you’ve encountered while meditating. How have you worked to overcome these challenges, and what tips can you share for those struggling?

The beginner’s mind is presented as essential for growth in psychic and magickal realms. Reflect on how maintaining a beginner’s mind has influenced your learning and practice in any area of life. Can you share instances where this approach opened new avenues of understanding or skill?

The significance of attitude, including openness and dedication, is underlined as key to magick and psychic development. How does your attitude towards learning and practice affect your spiritual journey? Can a positive or negative mindset noticeably influence outcomes in your work?

The danger of pushing too hard in psychic development is discussed. Share your thoughts or experiences with overexertion in spiritual practices. How do you balance pushing your boundaries with self-care?

Chapter Three – Tuning In

The chapter outlines the responsibility that comes with psychic abilities and the risks of improper practice. Discuss your understanding of these responsibilities and risks. Have you or someone you know ever encountered challenges due to not closing off psychic perceptions properly?

Grounding is depicted as crucial for psychic health and effectiveness. Share your grounding practices or experiences. How has grounding influenced your psychic or magickal work, and what techniques have you found most effective?

The concept of magickal impact and burnout is introduced as a consequence of intense psychic or magickal activity without proper grounding and centering. Discuss any personal experiences with magickal impact or burnout. What symptoms did you or they experience, and how was recovery managed?

Balancing the intensity of psychic work with the demands of daily life can be challenging. Discuss strategies you’ve employed to maintain this balance. How do you ensure that your psychic practices enhance rather than disrupt your everyday life?

Chapter Four – Extrasensory Perception

Reflect on your experiences with the five psychic senses. Which do you feel most attuned to, and which seem dormant or less developed? Share any personal experiences that highlight your natural predispositions.

Discuss any obstacles you’ve faced in awakening dormant psychic senses. How have the exercises proposed in the chapter (e.g., the Spell to Awaken Psychic Abilities, The Black Roses) helped in overcoming these challenges?

How has practicing visualization, particularly through exercises like seeing basic auric energies and the Witch Eye Cleansing and Charging, impacted your psychic abilities? Share insights on how visualization serves as a bridge between the physical and psychic realms.

Psychic development often requires navigating skepticism, both internally and from others. How do you manage doubt and maintain a commitment to expanding your psychic senses?

Chapter Five – Purification and Shielding

Discuss any obstacles you’ve encountered in maintaining regular cleansing practices and how you’ve overcome them. Have you found certain times or settings more challenging for energetic cleansing?

Share your experiences with implementing the shielding exercises outlined. How have these practices impacted your sense of security and well-being, especially in energetically dense environments?

Reflect on the role visualization plays in your protective practices. How has your ability to visualize impacted the effectiveness of your shields?

Reflect on the balance between maintaining open psychic receptivity and protective shielding. How do you navigate the need for both in your practice?

Chapter Six – The Triple Souls of the Witch

Reflect on your initial thoughts and feelings upon learning about the Triple Souls. How does this concept align or contrast with your previous understanding of the soul?

Reflect on a moment when you felt a deep connection with one of your soul aspects (Higher, Lower, Middle). What was happening, and how did it change your understanding or feeling about yourself in relation to psychic information being received or magick being performed?

Think about the cycle of reincarnation as described within the Triple Souls concept. How does this view shape your understanding of life, death, and the purpose of each incarnation?

Personal growth and understanding often involve asking questions about ourselves and the universe. Reflect on a question that has significantly impacted your spiritual journey. What answers or insights have you discovered?

Chapter Seven – The Lower Self and The Shadow

Consider the role of the Lower Self in your daily life. Can you identify moments when this aspect of your being has been particularly active or influential? How did it manifest in your thoughts, feelings, or actions?

The Lower Self is described as being in constant ‘now,’ holding onto past emotions as if they’re occurring in the present. Reflect on an experience from your past that still strongly influences your emotions today. How might understanding the Lower Self help you process this experience?

The concept of the Shadow Self involves aspects of ourselves we reject or ignore. Reflect on what parts of yourself you might have pushed into the shadow. How does acknowledging these parts change your perception of yourself?

The Lower Self is closely tied to intuition and the non-verbal communication of emotions and desires. Reflect on a time when your intuition guided you strongly. How do you think your Lower Self contributed to this intuition?

Chapter Eight – The Higher Self and True Will

Reflect on a moment when you felt a deep connection to something greater than yourself. How does this experience relate to your understanding of the Higher Self?

Consider the concept of the Higher Self being beyond time and space, yet intimately connected to your current existence. How does this perspective shift your understanding of your life’s purpose and challenges

True Will is described as the mission or purpose your Higher Self seeks to fulfill in this incarnation. Reflect on instances where you felt you were living in alignment with your True Will. How did these moments feel different from when you were not aligned?

Explore the role of a priest or priestess in modern witchcraft and spirituality. Discuss how being in service to humanity and the divine can manifest in your practices, beliefs, and everyday life.

Chapter Nine – Flames of the Witch’s Souls

The Witch Fire represents the energetic elixir of the Three Souls functioning as one. Reflect on any experiences where you might have felt this ecstatic state of gnosis, power, and Divine Love. How did it affect your magickal or psychic practices?

Examine the role of the Witch Fire in the context of co-creation versus domination. How does understanding this distinction influence your ethical considerations in magickal practice?

Reflect on the metaphor of using a microscope for the Lower Self, a telescope for the Higher Self, and reading glasses for the Middle Self. How does this analogy help you understand the functions and importance of each soul in magick and psychic work?

Consider the concept of soul alignment likened to the assembling of the monkey idol in “Legends of the Hidden Temple” or the formation of the Megazord in “Power Rangers.” How do these pop culture references help you grasp the power and process of aligning your Three Souls?

Chapter Ten – Between The Worlds

Examine the dual nature of sacred space as both an external and internal construct. How does this duality enhance the effectiveness of magickal workings? Consider the implications of the Hermetic axiom “As above, so below; as within, so without” in the practice of creating sacred space. How does this principle guide your magickal practices and worldview?

Reflect on the significance of the magick circle as a paradoxical symbol representing both the infinite and finite. How does this paradox affect your perception of magickal space?

Analyze the butterfly effect within the context of sacred space and magick. How does this concept inform your understanding of the interconnectedness of all actions and intentions in magick?

Consider the implications of the Hermetic axiom “As above, so below; as within, so without” in the practice of creating sacred space. How does this principle guide your magickal practices and worldview?

Chapter Eleven – The Elemental Forces

How do the metaphorical names of the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) relate to their energetic qualities in magickal practices? Give examples of these qualities for each element.

How does the concept of quintessence align with the idea of the microcosm and macrocosm in Hermetic philosophy?

What role do elemental portals play in the creation and enhancement of sacred space within a magickal circle?

Reflect on a time you consciously worked with elemental portals during a ritual. What was your experience in terms of the energy flow and the outcome of the ritual?

Chapter Twelve – Terrestrial Energy

Discuss the concept of animism in the context of witchcraft. How does the belief that everything is alive shape a witch’s interaction with the natural world?

Explain the role of the Star Goddess in the animistic worldview of witchcraft. How does the interchangeability of the terms Star Goddess and Universe reflect the interconnectedness of all existence?

Consider the Gaia Theory in relation to witchcraft’s view of the Earth as a living entity. How do the scientific aspects of the Gaia Theory complement the spiritual understanding of Earth’s aliveness among witches?

Discuss the significance of connecting with Gaia and the Spirit of Place in witchcraft. How does this connection influence a witch’s magickal practices and their relationship with the environment?

Chapter Thirteen – Celestial Energy

Evaluate the practical applications of planetary energies in daily witchcraft practice. How can understanding each planet’s influence aid a practitioner in choosing the right time and energy for specific magickal workings?

Consider the shift from gendered to neutral terms (hot and cold) in describing the energetic qualities of plants and herbs within the context of planetary correspondences. Why is this shift important, and how does it reflect a broader understanding of energetic dynamics?

Explore the concept of planetary correspondences and their roots in the Doctrine of Signatures. How does this doctrine facilitate the understanding of a plant or crystal’s magickal properties based on its physical characteristics?

Discuss the importance of attuning to planetary energies before utilizing them in magick. How has this attunement process enhance the effectiveness of spells and rituals?

Chapter 14 – Multidimensional Manifestation

Discuss the concept of reality maps and their utility in navigating spiritual realms. How do different maps serve different purposes, and what are the benefits and limitations of adhering to a specific model?

Explore the concept of the aura as a multidimensional field. How do the different layers (etheric, astral, emotional, mental) contribute to our understanding of the self and the manifestation process in magick?

Consider the process of multidimensional manifestation as described, from the physical gathering of materials to the divine petition for intervention. How does this comprehensive approach enhance the effectiveness of spellwork?

Discuss the concept of reality maps and their utility in navigating spiritual realms. How do different maps serve different purposes, and what are the benefits and limitations of adhering to a specific model?

Chapter 15 – Psychic Spells and Magick Tricks

Discuss the concept of using psychic faculties and willpower as primary tools for magick, especially in situations where traditional materials and settings are not available. How does this approach change the perception of what is essential for effective magick?

Analyze the importance of tuning into specific planetary powers and aligning with different aspects of the self (Lower, Middle, Higher) for different psychic spells. What does this suggest about the interconnectedness of cosmic energies and personal spiritual states in spellcasting?

Consider the importance of tuning in and performing soul alignments before engaging in psychic magick. How does this preparatory step influence the efficacy of the spellwork, and what does it reveal about the relationship between the practitioner’s state of being and their magickal outcomes?

Reflect on the balance between using psychic spells for immediate needs versus long-term magickal practice. How can a practitioner integrate these quick techniques into a broader spiritual or magickal framework?


Explore the role of imagination in enhancing psychic abilities and magickal practices. How does engaging the imagination act as a bridge between the conscious mind and the psychic self?

Discuss the statement that magick is both a science and an art. How do these aspects complement each other in your personal practice, and how do they contribute to the effectiveness of your magickal workings?

Reflect on the importance of personal interpretation and application in magick. How does this perspective encourage you to adapt and modify practices to suit your unique path?

Consider the impact of societal views on imagination and magick. In what ways has modern skepticism towards the imagination affected the public perception of witchcraft, and how do you navigate these challenges in your practice?

Examine the idea that limitations in magick are self-imposed. How can you overcome internal barriers to fully realize your magickal potential?

Analyze the concept of life as a magnum opus in the context of magick and psychic development. How does this view shape your approach to personal growth and transformation through witchcraft?

Discuss the importance of experimentation in magick. How has experimenting with different techniques and concepts in this book expanded your understanding of your own powers and capabilities?

Reflect on the evolution of witchcraft as influenced by individual practice. In what ways can you contribute to the growth and adaptation of witchcraft for future generations?

Consider the book’s encouragement to view challenges as opportunities for which you possess the inner solutions. How does this mindset shift affect your approach to obstacles, both in magickal practice and in everyday life?

Explore the assertion that the power within you will grow stronger the more you use it. How has your magickal and psychic journey reflected this principle, and what steps can you take to continue cultivating your inner strength?