The Tarot of the Owls is a unique and beautiful tarot deck that will appeal to both tarot enthusiasts and owl lovers alike. The stunning artwork by Elisabeth Alba captures the majesty and mystery of owls in all their different shapes and sizes, and the attention to detail in each card is impressive. Alba has done an outstanding job of capturing the essence of each owl species in her illustrations, creating a deck that is both visually stunning and deeply meaningful. From the majestic great horned owl to the cute and cuddly burrowing owl, each card is a work of art that invites you to explore the world of owls and the mysteries of the tarot. The deck is based on the Rider-Waite-Smith system, with each card expertly reworked to feature an owl or group of owls, accompanied by symbols and imagery that are relevant to the card’s meaning. What sets this deck apart is its unique approach to the traditional tarot. The four suits of the minor arcana are represented by the different parliaments of owls: great horned owls for wands, burrowing owls for pentacles, barn owls for cups, and snowy owls for swords. This adds a layer of depth and nuance to the deck, allowing readers to explore the different qualities and attributes of each owl species in relation to the tarot… and most of the time it’s just straight up adorable, to be honest.


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The Tarot of the Owls comes with a comprehensive guidebook written by Pamela Chen. The guidebook provides clear and concise explanations of each card’s meaning and symbolism, making it an essential tool for those who are new to tarot readings and even for experienced readers who want to deepen their understanding of this particular deck. One of the strengths of the guidebook is its ability to connect the symbolism of the tarot with the wisdom of owls. Each card is carefully crafted to reflect the qualities and attributes of different owl species, and the guidebook provides insight into how these qualities can be applied to the different situations and challenges that arise in life. The guidebook includes tips and exercises for unlocking intuition and connecting with the wisdom of the owls. This includes exercises for meditating on the cards, as well as suggestions for developing your own intuition and psychic abilities. The exercises are easy to follow and do not require any prior experience in meditation or psychic development. In addition to the card meanings and exercises, the guidebook also includes spreads designed specifically for the Tarot of the Owls. These spreads are designed to help readers explore the unique energy and symbolism of the deck, providing deeper insights into their own lives and spiritual journeys. As someone who has a deep connection to owls, particularly Barn Owls, this is probably my favorite animal themed tarot deck.