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Recommended Reading – Seal, Sigil, & Call

To help get into the spirit of the season I picked three occult books to read over the month. I actually picked out four but quickly DNF’d one, so we will call it three. I may or may not get to writing about all of them but I did [...]

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That isn’t a spell

Last week a video came across my Facebook feed that made me scratch my head. The content creator was showing the construction of what they called a “Thankful Spell.” There wasn’t a description of what it was for and when I asked what the intention was, I didn’t get [...]

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Prompted by the Goddess

At six o’clock I woke up for the fifth time this morning and then fell back asleep. I had dreams that stirred up emotions, yet I can’t remember what they were. The aftermath was a feeling of being out of place and of losing my way and it greeted [...]

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Björk Songs As Tarot Cards

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending TIDE (The International Divination Event), where my husband was one of the keynote speakers. During the event, Mary K. Greer delivered a really enjoyable keynote about the tarot symbolism that she saw in BTS music videos. I loved how she combined two [...]

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Review: Welsh Witchcraft

Welsh Witchcraft: A Guide to the Lore, Spirits, and Magic of Wales is a must-read for anyone interested in exploring the magical traditions and practices of Wales. The book is written by Mhara Starling, a Welsh native and a practitioner of Welsh witchcraft, who provides readers with a comprehensive [...]

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