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S10E3: It’s All Welsh to Me! with Mhara Starling

In this episode Devin is joined by the amazing Mhara Starling to discuss the magic behind her new book and the wyrd ways of Wales!Mhara's Podcast:'s Socials: Witch Linkage: Everything Modern Witch can be found on our website, Sponsored by Modern Witch University: www.Modernwitchuniversity.comSponsored by: http://www.DaturaTrading.comModern Witch [...]

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Do Our Practices Need to be “Ancient”?

One thing I love about Witchcraft is that it feels as though I am tapping into something old. When we work our rites, draw upon the powers of the natural world around us, and pledge ourselves to deities that have been worshipped for thousands of years, we cannot help [...]

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Book Review: Twist Your Fate by Theresa Reed

Regardless of what cards you're dealt in life, Theresa Reed has your back. In Twist Your Fate, Reed shrewdly shows how astrology and tarot can assist you in navigating a path towards a successful life by making the best of what the stars might throw in your path. This [...]

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S10E2: Sexytime with Gabriella Herstik

Modern Witch is back with the debut episode of its 10th season! Join Devin Hunter for an enchanting conversation with the amazing Grabriella Herstik about her work as a sex magician and why they think sex magic is so powerful.Modern Witch Linkage: Everything Modern Witch can be found on [...]

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