Spirits Unveiled by Michelle Welch is probably one of the most approachable and simultaneously practical guides on the subject of spirits on the market while still bringing fresh perspectives and ideas to the table. The book is not only educational but also chock full of personal stories and exercises for you to engage with yourself as a reader. At a young age, Michelle realized that she could see spirits that other people couldn’t, which often caused her frustration and sometimes ostracization from her family and religion of birth. This led her on a lifelong quest to learn more about these spirits, how to connect and how to create relationships with them. Most importantly, it also led to learning how to teach other people to do the same. Fast forward many years of exploration, teaching, learning, and coming to her own epiphanies and conclusions based on experience, we find the result of that journey culminating in the creation of Spirits Unveiled, a book that anyone can easily understand and use to experience our non-physical neighbors all around us at all times.

While reading Spirits Unveiled, it quickly became apparent to me, as someone who works with spirits regularly myself, that Michelle is genuine in her experiences with spirits due to how she describes them and the interactions she’s had with them. What I particularly enjoyed about Michelle as an author on this subject is that she didn’t just throw around words like vibration, frequency, dimension, plane, and realm like many authors on mediumship or spirits do; she clearly and thoroughly defines what she means by each word when she uses it – showing she has a concise understanding of the subject matter she’s discussing.

While she gets into some advanced topics in the book at times, she maintains this ability to explain things in a manner that anyone can understand, which shows a sign of mastery in what she’s teaching and sharing. More importantly, she provides the tools to engage in many activities related to the world of spirits – including connecting to spirits, altering your own frequency, divination techniques, astral projection, automatic writing, protection, and many more. What I really loved about this book is that it’s full of steps and lists of things to look for when it comes to identifying various spirits, discerning the nature of those spirits, and identifying when they’re around and at work in your life. Spirits Unveiled is a fantastic addition to the library of anyone who works with spirits in a mediumship or magickal context and perfect for the seeker looking to explore these subjects for the first time and unsure of where to start.


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