Regardless of what cards you’re dealt in life, Theresa Reed has your back. In Twist Your Fate, Reed shrewdly shows how astrology and tarot can assist you in navigating a path towards a successful life by making the best of what the stars might throw in your path. This brilliant book shows how the timeless insights of astrology and tarot can be used independently and in tandem to augment your strengths and mitigate your challenges to achieve your dreams. Twist Your Fate sheds light on the secrets that CEOs, celebrities, and politicians have secretly consulted to navigate success in an accessible manner to ensure you’re a victor and not a victim of fate. Like all of Theresa’s books, she strikes the sweet spot of being beginner friendly without over-simplifying or being too basic with the concepts she presents. Because of this, the book is ideal for any reader of any background of experience when it comes to either astrology or tarot.

What I particularly love about Twist Your Fate is that it isn’t just full of generic advice for the reader. Instead, Theresa gives you the tools to see specifically how to navigate towards success based on your own astrological information so that you can create a customized plan of action for yourself and your endeavors. Theresa has a big personality, and what I adore about all of her books is that this personality comes through in every page, making the learning process fun and an absolute delight. If you’re looking for that psychic insight to get ahead in life with the guidance of the stars and divination, this is definitely a must-have book. It’s a book that you’ll be reaching for over and over as a tool in your arsenal, not just a one-off read.