Witchcraft has always and will always exist in the liminal.

In the sacred between, in a dimension not accessible by the mind.

Witchcraft is an experience enfleshed, envisioned, and felt. It is divine communion with the body, with spirits, with nature, with all aspects of the self.

So is this true of Erotic Witchcraft.

Erotic Witchcraft isn’t one set of rules, or hierarchies, or practices. It’s not a specific tradition, or exclusive to one kind of practitioner.

Erotic Witchcraft is a practice of devotion to the sensual and to the sexual, using the tools of ritual, magick, devotion, energy work, and the raising of sexual energy to reach altered states, and eventually gnosis.

Erotic Witchcraft is a current of magick rooted in the powers of the flesh, in the powers of the body, in the union of all disparate aspects of self through the intentional cultivation and honoring of sexuality.

Erotic Witchcraft is an expression of witchcraft that centers sex magick and embodiment, and connection to the Divine and Goddess through this.

Erotic Witchcraft comes home to the body as part of nature, as part of the living current of sexual energy that runs through the universe, known as the Divine Erotic

Erotic Witchcraft asks us to meet ourselves at the deepest crevices of our soul. We live in a time and age when we get to use sexual energy to banish old beliefs around gender expression and sexual norms; Erotic Witchcraft is a path to this death and rebirth.

What we find within ourselves as we deepen our connection to the Divine Erotic can often frighten or surprise us- we may realize we’re not straight, or we’re trans, or that we’re asexual. We may realize we’re kinky or non-monogamous.

Erotic Witchcraft gives space for all of these expressions- often many at once- to coexist, not only so we can accept and love this part of the self, but so it can become a celebrated part of our magick and in extension, our life.

Erotic Witchcraft centers the Goddess, the rejected Feminine, the feral and wild aspects of self that howl at the Moon, and embraces carnal lust as a path to deeply knowing ones desires and ones soul.

Erotic Witchcraft is for anyone who wants to center their sexuality as a part of their spiritual practice and magickal path.

Erotic Witchcraft is for anyone who wants to usher in a new, feminist, sex positive aeon.

Erotic Witchcraft is for anyone who wants to rewrite the narrative that sex is only sacred in a certain way, with a certain kind of partner, in a certain environment, and that it’s not to be celebrated if it falls outside of these boundaries.

Erotic Witchcraft is for the sluts, for the sex workers, for the queers, for the hungry, for the outcasts, for the feral, for those who have always dwelled in the liminal space outside of respectability.

Erotic Witchcraft is for the witches who know the power of pleasure to transform the self and shatter the boundaries of perceived reality.

Erotic Witchcraft is for those who know that sex and spirit have always been, and will always be, two sides of the same coin.

Erotic Witchcraft aims to find the divine union of heaven, earth, and underworld. Of the angelic self, the body, and the shadow, using the mythos of Inanna, the Sumerian Goddess of Love and War, to do so.

Erotic Witchcraft is alive, evolving, a current, an egregore of the esoteric and erotic.

Erotic Witchcraft is for you if you hear the call within your bones and heart.


Sacred Sex, Gabriela Herstik

If you want to know some of the practices, rituals, and magick of Erotic Witchcraft, check out my book Sacred Sex: The Magick and Path of the Divine Erotic from wherever you buy your books.