Have you ever had a book you’ve felt like you’ve been guided to? That’s how it feels with this book, The Mastery of Good Luck. A few days ago a peer was thanking me for being supportive, especially, they added, with how successful I’ve been in my writing career so far. I replied to them that I’m just lucky, and the success doesn’t mean anything. I explained that I’m just a guy who enjoys geeking out on the occultism, like then, and that it didn’t make me any better them, any of my peers, or anyone else. I just happed to be lucky. Then later that night, only hours later, I thought to myself, ‘I feel in the mood for a Mitch Horowitz book.’ I went to my personal library and went to all my Horowitz books I had bought over the years, some greatly loved and some unread. The word luck in the title stuck out to me because of my prior conversions. So, I thought I’d give this book a shot. I did, and boy am I glad I did. I didn’t just read the book. I devoured it. I was so glued to it that I finished it in one sitting. While it may be a small book, it packs a punch. I immediately typed up and printed the 13 Aphorisms of Good Luck and taped it somewhere I will constantly see it.

Mitch Horowitz’ book The Mastery of Good Luck is a must-read for anyone looking to maximize their potential. It is an insightful and engaging look into the power of positive thinking and how to apply it to achieve your goals. The book offers practical advice and strategies on how to make the most of the opportunities life presents us. Mitch Horowitz is an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced individual when it comes to the occult, metaphysical, and spiritual realms and his insights are always profound and thought-provoking. I admire him greatly as both a writer and his encyclopedic level of knowledge. What I particularly love about his work is how grounded it often is. This book is a great example of that. His writing style is superb and his use of anecdotes is masterful. It comes across like a friend just sharing some of their wisdom with you in conversation and illustrating it with personal stories. As someone who achieved a fair bit of luck in success early on in my career. I recognized many of these things laid out in the book as things I did without thinking it had anything to do with my luck. It also highlighted things I did but was unconscious of, and it was incredibly helpful to have those things pointed out and made aware of. Most of all, I’m also thankful for a lot of the warnings that he gave about what destroys luck. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to take control of their life and manifest the greatest luck possible.