There are few options for recognition in our genres and our accomplishments are often overlooked by mainstream outlets, so a few of us got together and decided to change that. For the past three years we have organized a small awards ceremony for media creators within our community known as “The Witchies.” This year we changed our official name to the “Witchcraft & Occult Media Awards” as we move forward with plans to firmly establish this ceremony as a reliable venue for recognizing excellence within our community.

We invite everyone to nominate their favorite creators and artists each September. From those nominations we pick those names who received the most nominations and add them to our list of official nominees. We then open voting for all of October, allowing for consumers to make their choices and cast their ballots. On the first weekend of November, we hold the ceremony which can be seen on Youtube!

Winners receive their “witchie” free of charge thanks to our sponsors! This year we were delighted to partner with Llewellyn Worldwide, Datura Trading, Modern Witch University, Owlkeyme Arts, and Weiser Books, each contributing to making this all possible!

Let’s see who the nominees and winners were for 2022.


2022 Witchcraft and Occult Media Awards Nominees and Winners
🏆 denotes category winner


Outstanding Book of the Year

🏆 The Altar Within by Juliet Diaz 🏆

Sacred Sex: The Magick and Path of the Divine Erotic by Gabriela Herstik

Kitchen Witch: Food, Folklore and Fairy Tale by Sarah Robinson

The Witch’s Path: Advancing Your Craft at Every Level by Thorn Mooney

Welsh Witchcraft: A Guide to the Spirits, Lore, and Magic of Wales by Mhara Starling

Consorting with Spirits by Jason Miller


Outstanding Author of the Year

🏆 Juliet Diaz – The Altar Within 🏆

Madame Pamita – Baba Yaga’s Book of Witchcraft

Jason Miller – Consorting with Spirits

Jason Mankey, Matt Cavalli, Amanda Lynn & Ari Mankey – The Witch’s Book of Spellcraft: A Practical Guide to Connecting with the Magick of Candles, Crystals, Plants & Herbs

Gabriela Herstik – Sacred Sex: The Magick and Path of the Divine Erotic

Sarah Robinson – Kitchen Witch: Food, Folklore and Fairy Tale

Outstanding New Author of the Year 

🏆 Frankie Castanea (ChaoticWitchAunt) – Spells for Change : A Guide For Modern Witches 🏆

Emma Kathryn – Witch Life: A Practical Guide to Making Every Day Magical

Irene Glasse & Caine Dreamwalker – Blackfeather Mystery School: The Magpie Training

Enfys J Book – Queer Qabala: Nonbinary, Genderfluid, Omnisecual Mysticism & Magick

Ella Harrison – The Book of Spells: 150 Magickal Ways to Achieve Your Heart’s Desire

Lindsay Squire – Natural Magick

Outstanding Tarot Deck

Sirens Of Song – Lady Moon Co

🏆 The Mushroom Tarot – Sporelust! 🏆

Tarot V – Alejandro Colucci & Charles Harrington

Tarot Original 1909 Circular Deck – A.E. Waite, P.C. Smith, & Sasha Graham

Disney Villains Tarot – Minerva Spiegal

The Weiser Tarot – A.E. Waite, P.C. Smith, & Weiser Books

Outstanding Oracle Deck of the Year

🏆 Seasons of the Witch (Beltane) – Juliet Diaz, Lorraine Anderson, & Giada Rose 🏆

The Shadow Work Deck – Mary Rose Ciesynski

Southern Botanical Oracle – Stacey Williams-Ng

The Empaths Oracle – Raven Digitalis & Konstantin Bax

Into The Lonely Woods Oracle – Lucy Cavendish & Dan May

Winterseer Animal Oracle – Siolo Thompson

Outstanding Blog of the Year 


Raise the Horns

The Wild Hunt

Glasse Witch Cottage

🏆 Tamed Wild 🏆



Exceptional Blog Post of the Year

Rekindling Hope in Deep Winter – Glasse Witch Cottage

🏆 Witch History: Jews and the Witchcraze – Jewitches 🏆

“No space for our religion”: Russian Pagans speak out about the invasion of Ukraine -Lyonel Perabo

All Are Worthy and the Gods are for Everyone – John Beckett

Editorial: Pagans must fight for transgender youth – Eric O Scott

Otherworldly Bleed, Consensus, and Magic – See Helrune


Outstanding Podcast of the Year

Witch Bitch Amateur Hour

Elder Hour

Southern Bramble


🏆 The Comfy, Cozy Witch Podcast 🏆

Seeking Witchcraft

Outstanding New Podcast of the Year 

Third Eye Bind

The Witching Hour

The Occult Unveiled

Personal Pans

The Hearth and Hedge

🏆 Books and Broomsticks 🏆

Exceptional Podcast Episode of the Year

The Hearth and Hedge Episode 22: What We Wish We Knew as Beginner Witches

Invoking Witchcraft Erika Buenaflor on Ancient Mesoamerican Spirituality 

Third Eye Bind Episode 3 Retrogrades

🏆 Books and Broomsticks The Altar Within with Juliet Diaz 🏆

The Bruges Broadcast Baneful Magic 

That Witch Life EP 127 Witchcraft during Global Crisis With Madame Pamita

Outstanding Vlog/Vidcast of the Year 

Thorn Mooney

Suburban Witchery

🏆 The Witch of Wonderlust 🏆

The Witch’s Studio


Madame Pamita 

Outstanding New Vlog/Vidcast

Personal Pans

🏆 Third Eye Bind 🏆

Major Arqueerna


Exceptional Video of the Year

🏆 Revisiting the Basics of Protection – Chaotic Witch Aunt 🏆

Celebrating Walpurgisnacht in the Hills of Germany – The Witch of Wonderlust

Every Witch Should be Doing This – The Witch of Wonderlust

Advanced Spells and Spellcasting – Thorn Mooney

Retrogrades – Third Eye Bind

House Cleaning Ritual and Witch’s Floor Wash – Mickie Mueller

Outstanding Magazine of the Year

🏆 Witchology 🏆

Witch Way

Witches & Pagans

Outstanding Social Media Contributor of the Year

Black Moon Cove

🏆 Chaotic Witch Aunt 🏆

Witch of Southern Light

Theresa Reed

Thumper Forge (Five Fold Law)

Juliet Diaz

Outstanding New Voice of the Year (regardless of platform)

🏆 Mhara Starling 🏆

Effy Wild (Effy Books)

Corey’s Cauldron

Vanessa Waliko (Personal Pans)

Amberle Light

Kiki Rockwell


If you are a winner, please contact Devin Hunter to receive your award by emailing him at [email protected].