I’m not the least bit surprised that I love Anatomy of a Witch Oracle: Cards for the Body, Mind & Spirit by Laura Tempest Zakroff. Just as her first deck, the Liminal Spirits Oracle, was based on concepts from her book Weave the Liminal, this deck is based on the concepts and practices from her book Anatomy of a Witch. As much as I loved the Liminal Spirits Oracle, I found myself loving this deck even more. If you’re familiar with her first deck, you will find that the production value is almost identical. The deck is printed on good card stock and has a lovely glossy finish which places it in the right area of being both usable, easy to shuffle, and durable. In addition, it comes in an excellent quality magnetic box and a fully colored and illustrated guide to the cards full of Tempest’s insights and interpretations of the cards.

Compared to her previous deck, the Anatomy of a Witch Oracle is much more minimalistic in its artistry, making this deck more potent as a divination tool. I guess it’s sorta hard to describe, but each card feels more like you’re scrying into a portal. Additionally, each card has a very soothing vibe and a background color that makes it reminiscent of parchment paper and gives it a much more uniform feeling as a deck. If you’re familiar with Tempest’s art at all, you already know that it is quite apparent that she’s “plugged in” to the world of spirit and that it’s channeled and conveyed through each piece of art she creates.


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The deck consists of 48 cards which are divided into seven “suits” as follows:

  • Witch Anatomy
  • Elements
  • Senses
  • Body Being
  • Lunar and Solar Events
  • Witch Work
  • Magical Artifacts

The booklet is full of fantastic insight and gives enough of a suggestion to tap into your intuitive faculties for divination without being too rigid or limiting in each card’s meaning. The booklet also contains card spreads, how to attune to your deck, and other ways you can use the deck aside from divination. Tempest is one of my favorite witchcraft peers, and everything she does keeps evolving to more and more superb quality, whether that’s her art, her writing, or in this case, both. Anatomy of a Witch Oracle is definitely one of the best decks to come out in 2022, and like her previous deck, it has grown to be one of my favorites.